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Delegate Guzman’s Far-Left Record

Delegate Guzman revealed her Socialist leanings by joining Del. Carter (member of the Democratic Socialists of America) as Virginia co-chair of Sanders for President in 2020. Did she mention her Socialist leanings when she ran for re-election in 2019? No. She concealed it from voters. Will she mention it this year? No, she will not. Delegate Guzman claims to represent everyone in the 31st District, but her Socialist leanings are out of step with a majority of voters in her District.


By Brandon Jarvis
October 4, 2021
Virginia Scope

Two House Democrats running in tight reelection races expressed their support for a moratorium on fossil fuel use during a forum last week. Republicans are calling it irresponsible and disastrous.

“I support the Green New Deal because it is the only plan that calls for a complete moratorium on the burning of fossil fuels,” said Del. Elizabeth Guzman D-HD31 during the virtual forum to support the Green New Deal. “We need to stop burning oil and fracking for natural gas altogether.”

The Green New Deal is a set of policy proposals with the goal of bringing the world to net-zero emissions.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Democrat leaders in Virginia, have closed schools while opening up the jails and releasing violent felons. They have tried to mandate Critical Race Theory in our schools. They supported the defunding of our police, resulting in a major backlash with higher crime rates and resignations in our police departments across Virginia.

Delegate Guzman was appointed to the Prince William County Jail Board by PWC Board of Supervisors Chair Ann Wheeler. Del. Guzman enthusiastically supported the effort to sever PWC’s relationship with ICE, thus turning PWC into a “sanctuary county” for immigrants who have entered the country illegally.

With their House majority, Prince William County Democratic representatives in the House of Delegates including Delegate Guzman have spent 2021 passing laws that pushed Virginia farther to the left — including ones to pack the Court of Appealspermanently adopt election law changes from 2020, and adopt California’s vehicle emission standards 

These are in addition to last year, when the Democratic majority passed new laws to eliminate the photo requirement ID to vote, authorize plastic bag taxes and public employee unionsincrease electric billsremove abortion restrictions — along with 7 out of 8 of Governor Northam’s gun control proposals.

Some examples of bills passed include:

  • HB 1896 requires that all health insurance plans offered on Virginia exchanges must include abortion coverage.
  • HB 1888 undermines election integrity by mandating drop boxes for absentee ballots and loosens other electoral requirements.
  • HB 1904 requires teachers and principals pass “cultural competency tests.”
  • HB 2128 lengthens the time the State Police have to approve gun sales or transfers.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was passed in 2020 as HB 1526 in the House and SB 851 in the Senate in order to incorporate clean energy directions from Governor Northam’s Executive Order Forty-Three in September 2019.  The bill establishes a schedule by which electric companies must retire electric generating units from fossil fuels.  It also includes a timeline by which they must construct, acquire, or purchase energy from sunlight or wind.   Delegate Ayala signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill, and Delegates Ayala, Carrol-Foy, Carter, Guzman, and Roem all voted in favor of the legislation.

HB 1937  The Green New Deal Act.  This bill establishes a moratorium on fossil fuels as of January 1, 2022.  Although the bill has not yet passed, Delegates Guzman, Carter, and Roem were all sponsors of this bill, which is intended to mandate the elimination of all fossil fuels.  If passed, the bill would have banned new electricity-generating facilities effective this January. 

Finally, HJ 537 declares racism to be a “public health crisis.”

If re-elected, Delegate Guzman and Prince William’s Democratic representatives will continue to push Virginia farther to the left and advance their radical agenda in Virginia!

Delegate Guzman is running for re-election in 2021 after 3 years in the House of Delegates. Even with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and with a Democratic governor, only 45% of Del. Guzman’s bills were passed. 

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Delegate Guzman revealed her Socialist leanings by joining Del. Carter as Virginia co-chair of Sanders for President. Did she mention Socialism when she ran for re-election in 2019?



1. Anti-Business Voting Record – Delegate Guzman received an “F” rating from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for her 2018 anti-business voting record, the first time any Delegate in Virginia has received an “F” by the business advocacy organization. She repeated her performance in 2019 with another “F”rating by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

2. Sponsored Bill Allowing Prisoners To Vote – Delegate Guzman sponsored a Constitutional amendment (HJ598) to allow incarcerated convicted felons to vote while in prison, even those convicted of rape, murder, or terrorism.

3. Co-Chairs Virginia “Green New Deal” Coalition –  Delegate Guzman is one of two state legislators leading the push for a Virginia Green New Deal, similar to the expensive and unrealistic “Green New Deal” championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The plan, which seeks to ban all oil and gasoline energy and mandate renewable energy, has been criticized as unrealistic by many environmentalists and even some Democrats and union groups. The plan would cost between $52 Trillion to $93 Trillion in ten years, according to independent estimate. Delegate Guzman has not indicated how a Virginia Green New Deal would be paid for.

4. Sponsored Late-Term Abortion Bill – Delegate Guzman co-sponsored the Repeal Act (HB2491), a bill introduced by Delegate Kathy Tran, that would allow for an abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy, including up to the moment of birth and even when a mother is already in labor.

5. Sponsored Bill To Weaken School Bus Safety – During the 2018 session, Delegate Guzman sponsored a bill (HB 1289) that would allow a traffic citation for passing a stopped school bus, that is picking up children, to not be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles or included in a one’s driving record.

6. Supports Sanctuary Cities – On March 7, 2018, Delegate Guzman voted against a bill (HB 1257) to prohibit Virginia localities from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration laws or enacting “sanctuary cities.” Under sanctuary city policies, a local County could harbor an illegal immigrant who has committed a crime and keep that person’s whereabouts from immigration law enforcement.  

7. Gov’t Mandated Drug Genetic Testing – During a Prince William Chamber of Commerce legislative forum on December 5, 2018, Delegate Guzman said that she wants the state government to require physicians to perform drug-genetic testing (a pharmacogenomics test) on people to determine a vulnerability to Opioid addiction. The desire to reduce Opioid addiction is noble, however, genetic testing to predict a patient’s response to medication “may put the patient at risk for potentially serious health consequences,” according to the FDA. In addition, government-mandated genetic testing, and the storage of that DNA data, violates doctor-patient confidentiality and health privacy rights.

8. Repeal of Virginia’s Right To Work Laws – Delegate Guzman is a member of the AFSCME union, which lists among its top legislative priorities the repeal of Virginia’s Right to Work Laws, which says employees can’t be forced to join a labor union and pay union dues. If Virginia’s Right to Work Laws, which have been in place since 1947, are overturned, workers at many places of employment throughout Virginia will be forced to join a labor union or pay union membership dues as a condition of employment.”

9. Corporate Contribution Hypocrisy – During the 2019 session, Delegate Guzman sponsored a bill (HB 2092) that would ban direct corporate contributions to campaigns, even though she did the opposite by accepting contributions – only one month earlier – from corporations like Amazon (12/5/18) and Micron (12/2/18). She has yet to return the corporate donations.

10. Opposes Parental Control in Schools – Delegate Guzman voted against a bill (HB 2107) to require that public schools ensure parents have the right to review audio-visual materials that contain graphic sexual or violent content within anti-bullying or suicide prevention lessons. Despite Guzman’s opposition, the bill overwhelmingly passed the General Assembly and was signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam. 


1. Record de votación en contra de negocios: La Delegada Guzman recibió una calificación de “F” de la Cámara de Comercio de Virginia por sus votos en contra de negocios en 2018.  Esta es la primera vez que un Delegado en Virginia ha recibido una “F” de la organización de defensa de negocios.

2. Proyecto de ley patrocinado que permite a los delincuentes votar: La Delegada Guzmán patrocinó una enmienda constitucional (HJ598) permitiendo que delincuentes condenados encarcelados voten en la cárcel, incluso los condenados por violación, asesinato o terrorismo.

3. Co-Presidente de la Coalición “Green New Deal” (Nuevo Acuerdo Verde) de Virginia: La Delegada Guzmán es una de dos legisladores estatales de Virginia que dirigen el impulso para el “Green New Deal” de Virginia, similar al caro y poco realista “Green New Deal” defendido por la Representante al Congreso Norteamericano, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. El plan, que busca prohibir toda la energía de petróleo y gasolina y exigir energía renovable, ha sido criticado como poco realista por muchos ambientalistas e incluso por algunos Demócratas y grupos sindicales. Según una estimación independiente, el plan costaría entre $52 billones y $93 billones en diez años. La Delegada Guzmán no ha indicado cómo se pagará este “Green New Deal” en Virginia.

4. Proyecto de ley de aborto tardío: La Delegada Guzmán co-patrocinó la Ley de Revocacion (HB2491), un proyecto de ley presentado por la Delegada Kathy Tran, que permitiría un aborto en el tercer trimestre del embarazo, incluso hasta el momento del nacimiento e incluso cuando una madre ya está de parto.

5. Proyecto de ley patrocinado para debilitar la seguridad del autobús escolar: durante la sesión de 2018, la Delegada Guzmán patrocinó un proyecto de ley (HB 1289) que permitiría una citación de tráfico por pasar un autobús escolar detenido, que esta recogiendo niños, que no se le informe al Departamento de Vehículos Motorizados de Virginia o que se le incluya la infraccion  en el record de conducir del infractor.

6. Apoya las Ciudades Santuarios: el 7 de Marzo de 2018, la Delegada Guzmán votó en contra de un proyecto de ley (HB 1257) prohibiendo que las localidades de Virginia restrinjan la aplicación de leyes federales de inmigración o promulguen “Ciudades Santuario”.

7. Pruebas genéticas obligatorias hechas por el gobierno: durante un foro legislativo de la Cámara de Comercio de Prince William el 5 de Diciembre de 2018, la Delegada Guzmán dijo que quiere que el gobierno del estado exija a los médicos que realicen pruebas genéticas de drogas (una prueba de farmacogenómica) en las personas para determinar una vulnerabilidad a la adicción a los opioides. El deseo de reducir la adicción a los opiáceos es noble, sin embargo, las pruebas genéticas para predecir la respuesta de un paciente a la medicación “pueden poner al paciente en riesgo de tener consecuencias potencialmente graves para la salud”, según la FDA (Administracion de Alimentos y Medicamentos). Además, las pruebas genéticas exigidas por el gobierno y el almacenamiento de esos datos de ADN violan la confidencialidad entre medico y paciente y los derechos de privacidad de la salud.

8. Derogación de las leyes del derecho al trabajo de Virginia: La Delegada Guzmán es miembro del sindicato AFSCME (Federación Americana de Empleados Estatales y Municipales), que enumera entre sus principales prioridades legislativas la derogación de las leyes del derecho al trabajo de Virginia, que dice que los empleados no pueden ser obligados a afiliarse a un sindicato laboral y pagar cuotas sindicales. Si se revocan las Leyes sobre el derecho al trabajo de Virginia, que han estado vigentes desde 1947, los trabajadores de muchos lugares de empleo en todo Virginia se verán obligados a afiliarse a un sindicato laboral o pagar las cuotas de afiliación sindical como condición para el empleo.

9. Hipocresía de contribuciones corporativas: durante la sesión de 2019, la Delegada Guzmán patrocinó un proyecto de ley (HB 2092) que prohibe las contribuciones corporativas directas a las campañas, aunque hizo lo contrario al aceptar contribuciones, solo un mes antes, de corporaciones como Amazon (12/5/18) y Micron (12/2/18). La Delegada Guzman todavía tiene que devolver las donaciones corporativas.

10. Se opone al control parental en las escuelas: La Delegada Guzmán votó en contra de el proyecto de ley (HB 2107) el cual exige que las escuelas públicas garanticen el derecho de los padres a revisar los materiales audiovisuales que contienen contenido gráfico sexual o violento dentro de lecciones de prevención del acoso o suicidio. A pesar de la oposición de Guzmán, el proyecto de ley fue aprobado abrumadoramente por la Asamblea General y firmado en ley por el Gobernador de Virginia, Ralph Northam.

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Bills Sponsored: 15; Bills Passed: 2


Bills Sponsored: 55; Bills Passed: 1


Delegate Guzman’s record shows she is far too liberal for Prince William and Fauquier Counties!



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